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Between Heaven and Earth by Donna Fawcett

Carmen McGuinty is a Pastor's daughter gone bad.  In an act of rebellion, she joins the local drug dealer in a joy ride of her life--one the will end with Carmen in the hospital hovering between heaven and earth. 

Journey with Carmen to a place between worlds where truth is discovered--where the veil is drawn aside between the physical and the spiritual.

Between Heaven and Earth

Newscroll Books

At Newscroll Books it is our desire to prepare, for market, quality Christian books and CD's. 

At this time Newscroll Books is not accepting manuscript submissions.  We are currently presenting the work of author Donna Dawson and musician and author Donna Fawcett.  As our company expands we will look forward to adding to our author's list.

Duke the Chihuahua Writes! by Donna Fawcett

Check out our latest e-book release.  Duke the Chihuahua Writes! is a fun tutorial for the beginning writer.  This writing hand book helps you learn the ropes of the writing and publishing industry by incorporating the wacky tales of an aging pint-sized pooch and his German Shepherd side-kick.  Find it at