Preparation and Distribution of Canadian Christian Literature

Distributor and publisher of Christian books and music

What is Newscroll Books?

We, at Newscroll Books, have created the mandate to prepare and distribute quality Christian books and music for the Canadian market.  As a young company, we realize the challenges ahead of us but we also realize the potential for Canadian musicians, authors and readers.  Created in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, we are in a position to supply the limited titles we carry to a broad population of book stores.

Canada is a unique country filled with diverse people.  We have a national personality unlike any other country and it is that uniqueness that we at Newscroll are trying to capture.  Canadians want to read and listen to work created by Canadians.  Knowing that, we have begun by featuring award winning novelist Donna Dawson and singer/songwriter Donna Fawcett. 

We are working to provide what Canadian readers and listeners are looking for in cultural style and content.  In the economic struggles in the publishing industry we are moving forward at a cautious and careful pace.

It is our prayer that we can meet the needs of those searching for Christian literature written from a Canadian perspective and that God will shine through our efforts.

Editor - Audrey Tavares

Marketing Manager - Alaina Lay

If you are interested in contacting us for more information on obtaining Donna's book please email us at